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Kiribati - Outer Islands

Outer Island Getaways

Beyond Tarawa - spend a weekend or a few days in the outer islands and feel the difference – no more stress and worries and be entertained by the locals.

Kiribati dancersButaritari (second island to the north of Kiribati)

Famous for ‘te bine kua’ (calling of the whales ashore) – stories from villagers.  World War II relics and scars – bunkers, pontoons and aircrafts, and also home to Robert Louis Stevenson*. Meet the locals – dancing and singing.

Accommodation & meals:  Island council guest house and TKK guest house, self-contained, local and I-Matang meals served.

Marakei (third island to the north of Kiribati)

Outer islandExperience the unique way of getting to know the spirits of the island – “Te Katabwanin”**

The island is round, each end connected by a small bridge with stunning lagoon in the centre. Feel the original island style way of life.

Known as the ‘island of women’ - visit the shrines of the spiritual female guardians of the island – Nei Reei, Nei Rotebenua, Nei Tangangau and Nei Nantekiman. 

Accommodation:  Island council guest house, self-contained, Maneaba, meals are also served.

Abemama (central island)

Outer islandsThe British Protectorate was first declared on Abemama in 1892.  The island was home to Robert Louis Stevenson.  Lengthened moonlight due to it’s central location – ideal for a weekend away from home. 

The island has a magnificent lagoon admired by many visitors.  The seas around Abemama are considered to hold plenty of fish, especially bony fish.  

Accommodation: Island council guest house and Monivae Hotel options, self-contained, meals are also served.

* A famous Scottish travel writer, novelist and poet.
**First time visitors are taken for a ride around the island carried out anticlockwise to acquaint with the spirits.